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National Hands Network (NHN) believes that meaningfully employed, engaged and entrepreneurial people are not borne. THEY ARE MADE.

Traditional education provides little for marginalised people that fall between the cracks.

NHN provides an extra curricular solutions based learning programme offered to people in marginalised rural & regional areas. NHN delivers its tailored manufacturing programmes via their NHN TRADE YOURSELF programme. A practical skills problem solving model, assessing local issues and returning local solutions, learning and outcomes in an non intrusive collaboration with local community.

In Australia the National Hands Network harnesses natural resources, talented Australians young and old to work together to create paid work opportunities that are building up their local communities and creating jobs.

The NHN organisation drives 3000 kms each week delivering technology, educational resources and business networks that otherwise only exist in capital cities. Delivering global business tools to marginalised communities is a big part of the answer to their sustainability and also part of the solution to a bigger National economic problem, Australian Made

NHN programmes targets existing, but most importantly the next generation, addressing the toxic exodus of the brightest and best to big cities.



Melissa Liu

The Young Manufacturers Group in Bendigo named ‘The WoodGang’ would not be possible without their sponsors.

Local Bendigo businesses have thrown their support behind our group of disengaged youth and the results are nothing short of incredible.  The NHN team and the WoodGang held a “Thank the sponsors” BBQ, with special focus on the support from Kencor & Advance Pools & Spas.  Barry and Dusty from Kencor have been game changers for the WoodGang.  Their amazing donation of power tools and equipment totalling thousands of dollars and ongoing mentorship has seen the WoodGang’s skills and production of products reach a quality rarely seen in handmade timber products.

The team at Advance Pools & Spas lead by Andy, have given our Young Manufacturers not only a roof over their heads while they work, but much needed emotional, moral and logistical support.  Jumping in the truck and collecting pallets with Dave at Advance is now a weekly occurrence and one that everyone involved looks forward to.

One other person who has had an amazing influence on this team, and is seen as a Father figure, is David.  David has been retired for 5 years and now spends a few hours per week checking in on the WoodGang, offering technical support and more.  "Tool Day Tuesday" with David has been a breakthrough for the Team as now every member is comfortable using all the equipment, which is something we never thought would happen.  With anxiety, phobias and general fear of power tools being a major factor within the team, with David's help, these fears have long been forgotten.  The WoodGang is really starting to realise there is nothing stopping them from reaching their goals.

We thank our Sponsors and Mentors!!