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National Hands Network (NHN) believes that meaningfully employed, engaged and entrepreneurial people are not borne. THEY ARE MADE.

Traditional education provides little for marginalised people that fall between the cracks.

NHN provides an extra curricular solutions based learning programme offered to people in marginalised rural & regional areas. NHN delivers its tailored manufacturing programmes via their NHN TRADE YOURSELF programme. A practical skills problem solving model, assessing local issues and returning local solutions, learning and outcomes in an non intrusive collaboration with local community.

In Australia the National Hands Network harnesses natural resources, talented Australians young and old to work together to create paid work opportunities that are building up their local communities and creating jobs.

The NHN organisation drives 3000 kms each week delivering technology, educational resources and business networks that otherwise only exist in capital cities. Delivering global business tools to marginalised communities is a big part of the answer to their sustainability and also part of the solution to a bigger National economic problem, Australian Made

NHN programmes targets existing, but most importantly the next generation, addressing the toxic exodus of the brightest and best to big cities.

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Junior Manufacturers Groups



National Hands Network is embracing the talent for tomorrow and discussing with the next generation that the land of plenty is still there, but we need to actively go out and discover the riches the world holds for each one of us.

NHN talked at length with groups of children aged 5-15 years in marginalised areas of Australia; dialogue included that, as a Nation, we need to make things to sell so that we can have a job and earn money to buy what we want and need to live and be happy. NHN discussion with the children translated then to their local environments and together we looked to their Communities for inspiration to tackle this paradigm at the local level.


And these kids got it.....and most importantly got too it!


The Good Eggs programme; an NHN Junior Manufacturers Group (JMG) initiative was borne in 2014. This programme teaches and facilitates Junior business tasks with real commercial outcomes to be delivered upon. The JMG:Good Eggs attend commercial events selling products they have manufactured by hand in mass quantities and on many occasions have been completely sold out at market, with post event requests for more product!!!

The Children in the JMG:Good Eggs design the products, manufacture them, market them and sell them on the day. NHN assists the JMG:Good Eggs children by 'gamifying' their business development and management experiences. The Children embrace their earnings and their fixed costs and then pay each other appropriately just as an adult and professional cooperative would do.

These children are developing a foundation that will hold them steadfast for a life of occupation. They will leave this NHN JMG:Good Eggs Platform with a commercial vision they could never have hoped to have otherwise. 

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