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National Hands Network (NHN) believes that meaningfully employed, engaged and entrepreneurial people are not borne. THEY ARE MADE.

Traditional education provides little for marginalised people that fall between the cracks.

NHN provides an extra curricular solutions based learning programme offered to people in marginalised rural & regional areas. NHN delivers its tailored manufacturing programmes via their NHN TRADE YOURSELF programme. A practical skills problem solving model, assessing local issues and returning local solutions, learning and outcomes in an non intrusive collaboration with local community.

In Australia the National Hands Network harnesses natural resources, talented Australians young and old to work together to create paid work opportunities that are building up their local communities and creating jobs.

The NHN organisation drives 3000 kms each week delivering technology, educational resources and business networks that otherwise only exist in capital cities. Delivering global business tools to marginalised communities is a big part of the answer to their sustainability and also part of the solution to a bigger National economic problem, Australian Made

NHN programmes targets existing, but most importantly the next generation, addressing the toxic exodus of the brightest and best to big cities.


Partners and Sponsors


Make Local and employ Local. Sell Global.

National Hands Network is achieving a mission to reignite paid work opportunity for people living in marginalised communities and to revitalise Australian Made.

NHN Partnerships are needed within and across Government, Private Organisations and the local Communities it serves; its business and private residents.   

NHN must work in situ, hand in hand with Local Community to increase the likelihood of achieving their mission for economic growth and empowerment at a local level through local jobs creation and incubation of local business and local talent. National Hands Network must also seek important alliances outside the local community to bring vital pathways and connections to a Local Community in order to meet the NHN commercial paradigm...local business with a global customer interface.

In 2013 one private donor gave the National Hands Network the financial support it needed to start its first works in Australia and this donor remains today a vital financial supporter of NHN worldwide. Without the assistance of this one person in 2013 National Hands Network could not have put petrol in the road vehicles that took their NHN Business and Humanity volunteers to the far reaches of Rural and Regional Australia.

Today National Hands Network is providing vital support and services to communities that are not helped by generic broad brush employment and economic development programmes. NHN volunteers are highly geared to develop smart Australian Made products for export and in so doing are working tirelessly to develop paid work opportunities for local Australians.

NHN volunteers are working with marginalised communities on the roadside, at the farm gate and in their homes delivering education, technology and networks that will ensure geographic isolation can be ruled out of this unemployment and underemployment equation. NHN desperately needs more NHN Opportunity Centres and NHN personnel to grow and to amplify their positive outreach activities.

NHN seeks your help to MAKE LOCAL and EMPLOY LOCAL.....but SELL GLOBAL.

We thank all our precious NHN Partnerships; we simply cannot work as we do without each and every pair of hands that help us. In this we include the residents of the local communities in which we operate our programmes in rural and regional Australia who work tirelessly to be change makers. 

National Hands Network Partners