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National Hands Network (NHN) believes that meaningfully employed, engaged and entrepreneurial people are not borne. THEY ARE MADE.

Traditional education provides little for marginalised people that fall between the cracks.

NHN provides an extra curricular solutions based learning programme offered to people in marginalised rural & regional areas. NHN delivers its tailored manufacturing programmes via their NHN TRADE YOURSELF programme. A practical skills problem solving model, assessing local issues and returning local solutions, learning and outcomes in an non intrusive collaboration with local community.

In Australia the National Hands Network harnesses natural resources, talented Australians young and old to work together to create paid work opportunities that are building up their local communities and creating jobs.

The NHN organisation drives 3000 kms each week delivering technology, educational resources and business networks that otherwise only exist in capital cities. Delivering global business tools to marginalised communities is a big part of the answer to their sustainability and also part of the solution to a bigger National economic problem, Australian Made

NHN programmes targets existing, but most importantly the next generation, addressing the toxic exodus of the brightest and best to big cities.

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Our Opportunity Centres


NHN Opportunity Centre: a PLACE

A National Hands Network Opportunity Centre is a place of learning, industry, commerce, invention, global connectivity, is a place for everyone in need. 

National Hands Network is a not for profit organisation providing on the ground services, facilities and information for local Rural and Regional Communities in the State of Victoria, Australia: their goal is paid work opportunity and Australian Made assets creation.

National Hands Network acts hand in hand with local communities setting up NHN Opportunity Centres. It is a physical PLACE for career and paid work impaired persons to garner commercial connections and pathways. NHN delivers local solutions with an essential global perspective to ensure all assisted and mentored people have the very best chance to reach their potentials, to understand and to participate in what is today the Global Economy. 

Marginalised communities who experience isolation and structural economic decline still have a talent and skill base to offer. Harnessing this forgotten resource and the strategic direction of it to worthwhile local enterprise with a global customer reach is the secret to a Developed country that is looking towards sustainable economic growth and development. 

NHN Opportunity Centres scout for local talent and for local economic development opportunities, supporting both with education, technology and global commercial connectivity.

National Hands Network programmes operate from Melbourne, Bendigo and Wedderburn

We invite you to JOIN HANDS and help us to EMPLOY LOCAL, MAKE LOCAL and SELL GLOBAL.

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