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National Hands Network (NHN) believes that meaningfully employed, engaged and entrepreneurial people are not borne. THEY ARE MADE.

Traditional education provides little for marginalised people that fall between the cracks.

NHN provides an extra curricular solutions based learning programme offered to people in marginalised rural & regional areas. NHN delivers its tailored manufacturing programmes via their NHN TRADE YOURSELF programme. A practical skills problem solving model, assessing local issues and returning local solutions, learning and outcomes in an non intrusive collaboration with local community.

In Australia the National Hands Network harnesses natural resources, talented Australians young and old to work together to create paid work opportunities that are building up their local communities and creating jobs.

The NHN organisation drives 3000 kms each week delivering technology, educational resources and business networks that otherwise only exist in capital cities. Delivering global business tools to marginalised communities is a big part of the answer to their sustainability and also part of the solution to a bigger National economic problem, Australian Made

NHN programmes targets existing, but most importantly the next generation, addressing the toxic exodus of the brightest and best to big cities.


GOOD EGGS: Participation at the farmers market in October 2014

Melissa Liu

Last Sunday, 17 Victorian school students took part in a NHN Good Eggs sales initiative. They held a Good Eggs stall at a local farmers' market, selling the wares they spent 12 weeks manufacturing. Their raw materials was recycled egg cartons. The students designed and made home and lifestyle products such as flowers, magnets, christmas decorations and sold all of their items during the market. NHN Good Eggs received post event orders for their flowers and christmas decorations... always good to know that demand exceeded supply!!